PATERE IPR Management Suite


Starting up a new patent agency is easy as we offer turnkey solution: we provide the IT infrastructure and you can concentrate on your work.

No need to go forward blindly: we can arrange a demo for you to evaluate Patere firsthand!


All communication between servers and clients is done via secure, industry standard SSH tunnels.


Patere offers fully distributed architecture enabling you to work where and whenever necessary. With laptop computer and cellular data you can take your office with you anywhere.


Clean and uncluttered user-interface and workflow tools designed together with end-users: attorneys, IPR coordinators and assistants.


Everything from case, document and deadline management to invoicing and reporting included in one package.

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PATERE IPR Management Suite Features

Patere was built from the ground-up with the end-user in mind; the software specification of Patere was written by IPR professionals, both attorneys and assistants.


Workflow in Patere is streamlined because of the early-on involvement of IPR professionals in the design process.

Case-specific Deadlines and Todos form the collaborative backbone of Patere's workflow. Deadlines attached to cases define the important future milestones concerning a case while Todos offer flexible tools to manage and keep track of day-to-day work and prioritize it.

Case information

A wide variety of information can be attached to a case:

  • Basic information

    Includes name, title, various dates, type, phase, case's attorney and assistant and office references. Also included are relations with other cases by families or by groups. Even rare scenarios where case may have more than one source of priority are supported.

  • Clients el al.

    A matrix of current client entities (persons or companies) acting on the case and their respective roles with detailed additional information. History about case's clients and their roles is also available.

  • Deadlines

  • Documents

  • Prior arts

    A set of possible prior art concerning this case.

  • Invoice rows and invoices

    These form the base of financial information in Patere. You add invoice rows as you work and invoice can be created from one or more rows. Before invoice is declared as sent, you can freely modify all the information concerning it.

  • Todos

  • Todos enable the collaborative day-to-day workflow between attorneys and assistant. Information and requests can be passed between personnel and system automatically notifies changes to participants for example via email.


Patere has a wide variety of reports both for internal use as well as external reports to be handed to clients.

Almost all the information from the case data can be readily printed out:

  • Case reports
  • Deadline reports
  • Invoices
  • Invoicing information per client by worktype or by case

Prior art

Patere offers tools to create and manage prior art database concerning your cases.

Managing finances

You can create invoices with price lists customized per client. More complex invoicing needs, such as periodic invoicing and creating credit/correction invoices, are supported.

Different financial statistics can be viewed with various filters to get a clear picture of company's revenue streams and overall financial situation.


Any number of documents of any possible format can be attached to a case. Documents added to the version control system are immediately available to any other personnel working on the case enabling seamless collaboration. Version control system also makes sure your documents are stored securely and that you will never lose the track of possible changes to a document.

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